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James is an ordinary kid, chubby, unfit and bullied at school. So when his father gives him the chance to play the latest virtual reality game, Eternity, a few days before its official release he jumps at the opportunity.

Join James as he explores the world of Eternity and encounters friends, foes, and adventures like he had never seen before.

Author Note: I hope you enjoy the fiction, it's a little slower than what I was expecting in terms of development but this will pick up around chaps 2-3. I plan to release daily/every two days.

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  • Eternity
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Latest release - ch. 6.0
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Eternity 6 Qidian International
Eternity 6 Chapter 6: New Start, Old Name RoyalRoadL
Eternity 5 Chapter 5: Catching Up With The Times RoyalRoadL
Eternity 5 Qidian International
Eternity 4 Qidian International
Eternity 4 Chapter 4: Action and Regret RoyalRoadL
Eternity 3 Chapter 3: Account Creation RoyalRoadL
Eternity 3 Qidian International
Eternity 3 Chapter 3: Release RoyalRoadL
Eternity 2 Chapter 2: Landi and Derek RoyalRoadL
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