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The start of my story is like many other.. but give it a chance.. you might be left pleasantly surprised. – – Somewhere in a different world, where pollution could be seen everywhere and corruption was all over the world a lonely figure of a man could be seen on a tall building. This man was nothing special, maybe even less than average – he was overweight, had no muscle on him, wore glasses and was dressed in old, baggy clothing that made him look even more overweight. His height didnt help either.. we was barely 1.65cm. But this look of his.. it was all his own doing, he knew that but he just couldnt make himself change.. he didnt have enough willpower to do it. He spent his days eating unhealthy food, indulging himself in games and other things that didnt really matter. Not caring about a thing in the world. He was selfish, arrogant and stupid.

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  • Dreamland
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