Harem King

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What will happen when a mysterious person is rebirth into a new world? Come along and witness his adventure and past while he journey the world of Gaia. He will face perils he never had before and choices that will change the world he lives in.

Author Notes: This will be a long project with a lot of world building and details of characters, races, and world. Chapters will be long some will be short. This is my first time writing a web-novel if you want to call it that. Thank you and take care of me.

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  • Harem King
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Harem King 5 Chapter 5: Goals and Ambition. RoyalRoadL
Harem King 4 Chapter 4:The World. RoyalRoadL
Harem King 3 Chapter 3: Shia Lovinghart. RoyalRoadL
Harem King 2 Chapter 2: The first days of many... RoyalRoadL
Harem King 1 Chapter 1: The Fight Starts... RoyalRoadL
Harem King 2 Prologue: The Beginning part 2. RoyalRoadL
Harem King 1 Prologue: The Beginning part 1. RoyalRoadL