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Enter John. Cue unfortunate accident. Welcome to a new world.

This story is about a person (John), and how he deals with being sent to another world. Unlike most fictions he will not become instantly overpowered, he might later though. If anyone knows me from my work on DIVE, this will be different. Instead of an intelligent MC, he is just trying to get by. Of course he is given a single cheat ability to help him on his journey. There might be a bit of comedy added in as well.

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Entity 10 10) Broken Chains and Broken Bonds RoyalRoadL
Entity 9 9) Training and Fleeing RoyalRoadL
Entity 8 8) She is an Hieress? RoyalRoadL
Entity 7 7) The Elf and The Name RoyalRoadL
Entity 6 6) Pack Mentality RoyalRoadL
Entity 5 5) Fight For Dominance RoyalRoadL
Entity 4 4) Wolf Attack RoyalRoadL
Entity 3 3) Evolution RoyalRoadL
Entity 2 2) First Possession RoyalRoadL
Entity 1 1) Summoned to Another World By Accident RoyalRoadL
Entity The end, and a new begining RoyalRoadL
Entity Not a Chapter RoyalRoadL
Entity Calm Before The Storm RoyalRoadL
Entity False Savior RoyalRoadL
Entity Unfair World RoyalRoadL