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A man working hard to make the best of his life whilst supporting his elderly father passes away in an unfortunate accident. Is this the end for our MC? According to Lucifer, what humans have been led to believe, or not believe, in religious history is completely false. And our illustrious MC has been chosen to be the champion and try overthrow a tyrannous God with another roll at life. You can't suck at "The Game of Life" if you know all the rules and tricks from the start, right?This is one of those rare moments where the cover, does not reflect the quality of the book. You know the saying. So Don't Judge! Please...This will be a slow paced novel. I plan for this to last a while. I reckon when finished it should be one of the longest novels of the site. Don't quote me on that. There will also be a Sequel after I finished this one which should be the same length. Again no promises.This Cover is Temporary, When I can spare enough money, and if this novel gets really popular, Ill consider investing in a professional to draw a proper cover for the novel.

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I am self proof reading this myself so chapters will be slowly updated. I can guarantee at least once a fortnight. Exceptions to this are the extreme cases such as, An Emergency, A Legitimate Writer's Block, and the occasional Break to allow me to rest.

Original No of Chapters I Owe My Readers - 100 (Lol, Details in the announcements)Chapters I Currently Owe My Readers. - 97Number of Chapters I Owe Since Missing Weeks to fulfill Current Chapter Debt - 1

Mature Content Warning. You have been warned. There will be erotic scenes in this novel. Avoid if you dislike. There will be violent and disturbing scenes of grotesque nature in this novel. Avoid if you dislike. There will be ideals in this novel that may be offensive to your religious or moral standings. Avoid if you dislike. Remember guys this is a fiction, make believe. I do not condone or encourage any of the taboo acts commited in this story. Unless its of a sexual content and between two consenting adults within the privacy of their own home.

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  • Ira Tenebris (Hiatus)
  • Ira Tenebris
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