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Gabriella lives alone with her mother who is a well-known artist. She is like every other ordinary girl. Or so... it seems, until she turned 19.

Gabriella couldn't wait to start University as she could finally have a chance to start over. High school had been a horrible experience because she had always find it difficult to make friends, especially when she has strange allergies that no one else does. Gabriella hopes to make at least one friend in the new school term. Just one friend at least, I mean how hard can it be?

As her life in University begins, she met alluring Res, who draws her in with his confidence. And she met Claudia who became her first roomie. She didn't expect that making friends could be so easy, until it all shattered.

Then strange things start happening and Gabriella begins to learn that she is not who she thought she is.

The world is not what it seems to be.

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  • Awaken
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Awaken 17 Chapter 17: Stranger Danger RoyalRoadL
Awaken 16 Chapter 16: It's Back Again RoyalRoadL
Awaken 15 Chapter 15: Complete Annihilation RoyalRoadL
Awaken 14 Chapter 14: Goblin Nest RoyalRoadL
Awaken 13 Chapter 13: One to One Talk RoyalRoadL
Awaken 12 Chapter 12: Had A Bad Day RoyalRoadL
Awaken 11 Chapter 11: Dreams RoyalRoadL
Awaken 10 Chapter 10: Broke Guy RoyalRoadL
Awaken 9 Chapter 9: Costume Date RoyalRoadL
Awaken 8 Chapter 8: He Doesn't Wants To Be Known RoyalRoadL
Awaken 7 Chapter 7: In a Gilded Cage RoyalRoadL
Awaken 6 Chapter 6: The Hooded Man RoyalRoadL
Awaken 5 Chapter 5: Celebrity Alert RoyalRoadL
Awaken 4 Chapter 4: What?! Don't You Know Him? RoyalRoadL
Awaken 4 Qidian International
Awaken 3 Chapter 3: Garden Of Sins RoyalRoadL
Awaken 3 Qidian International
Awaken 3 Qidian International
Awaken 2 Chapter 2: A little Help RoyalRoadL
Awaken 2 Qidian International
Awaken 2 Qidian International
Awaken 1 Chapter 1: A Fresh Start RoyalRoadL
Awaken 1 Qidian International
Awaken Chapter 0: Prologue RoyalRoadL