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Perseverance, hard work, patience, diligence and commitment: all are terms that are unfamiliar to him.

Entering Royal Road with desires and ambitions, how will he learn to cope with being unable to attain that which he craves?

Will the forces that stand between him and his goal overpower his spirit, exiling him from the world of virtual reality?

Or will they become a catalyst for change, transforming him into a being of unexpected potential?

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  • Revenge
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Latest release - ch. 5.0
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Revenge 5 KK Translates
Revenge 5 Chapter 005 - Labour RoyalRoadL
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Revenge 4 Chapter 004 - Hunger RoyalRoadL
Revenge 3 KK Translates
Revenge 3 Chapter 003 - Search RoyalRoadL
Revenge 2 KK Translates
Revenge 2 Chapter 002 - Seized RoyalRoadL
Revenge 1 KK Translates
Revenge 1 The beginning Qidian International
Revenge 1 Qidian International
Revenge 1 Chapter 001 - Vicious RoyalRoadL
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