Dark Avenger: Flames of Hatred

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Arslan Darfield was a radiant general and noble of his past life. He had everything a man could dream of. Money, Women, Strength, Glory. Everything his imagination would took him into. Arslan though powerful was a man of mirthful and kind nature. He would forgive any trespasses without second thoughts.

Just as he was about to return after a glorious victory. He was ambushed by a group of people with a particular affinity to the darkness element. Sensing the abundant danger he ran, and failed.

Only after thirty minutes of torture where he was left to embrace the gift of death.

But his soul was resilient. Even after death. He hadn't forgot the pain and grieve of losing someone important in your life. And so he escaped. He escaped the great flow of life, and became an avenger.

Brimming with an ominous aura, He had reincarnated back unto the world.

But the minute he stepped unto the land, He realized that he reincarnated as a child.

Follow Arslan in his new life as he meet Viktor Haines and the vassals of the infamous organization that took his life.

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  • Dark Avenger: Changing World
  • This Thread We Call Destiny
  • Dark Avenger: Flames of Hatred
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