The Soul Finder

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In most tribes around the world shamans, priests, and wise man all say that souls reside in everything, from everyday objects to stones and trees, and even weapons and beasts. This story revolves around """"Kama"""" a brown skin native of the island of Polu. Follow him on his path to becoming a Soul Finder, as he blazes a path to unite and defeat countless races on his path to enlightenment and inner peace.

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  • The Soul Finder
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Latest release - ch. 7.0 pt. 1.0
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The Soul Finder 7-1 Chapter 7. "Forged in Fire" (Part 1) RoyalRoadL
The Soul Finder 6 Chapter 6. "Another Master" RoyalRoadL
The Soul Finder 5 Chapter 5. "A warm welcome?" RoyalRoadL
The Soul Finder 4 Chapter 4. "The Voyage" RoyalRoadL
The Soul Finder 3 Chapter 3 "A plan for the Future" RoyalRoadL
The Soul Finder 2 Chapter 2. "A new life" RoyalRoadL
The Soul Finder 1 Chapter 1. "Beginnings" RoyalRoadL