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Dante Eloy is one of the many people who purchased a diving pod to enter the virtual reality game "Ianus' Gift". But fate has ordained that his life and more specifically he himself will change forever.

Due to a few unforeseen events he has no race, no class and not even a name in the other world. But his persistence in uncovering the mysteries surrounding him enables him to uncover this new world's secrets—secrets only the gods should know.

Follow Dante in his quest to uncover the truth. Join him as he learns secrets mere players were never meant to know.

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  • Starchild
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Starchild 5 Chapter 5.2 Rendezvous with the Unexpected RoyalRoadL
Starchild 5 Chapter 5.1: Rendezvous with the Unexpected RoyalRoadL
Starchild 4 Chapter 4: Friends RoyalRoadL
Starchild 3 Chapter 3: Between Life And Death RoyalRoadL
Starchild 2 Chapter 2: The First Clearance RoyalRoadL
Starchild 1 Chapter 1: Whispers In The Void RoyalRoadL