Void Legends

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How far will you go to carry out your duties and responsibilities… How far will you go to uphold your oaths and promises… How far will you go for your those whose existence you hold dear… How far will you go for love…

Sora Ryou a, 15 year old, student gets his life screwed over… royally. Like everyone in the world, he has "problems" but his make theirs more… insignificant, than dust. To solve some of these "problems", Sora starts playing the first virtual reality game to ever exist… Void Legends. Of course, with his luck he gets something more than solutions to his problems…


Read """"About This Novel"""" first for warnings. I take no responsibility for any """"damage"""" you (readers) may acquire due to reading this novel... [b]{ Check the date before it to see if it has been updated }[/b]


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  • Void Legends
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