The System

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After a couple of mysterious happenings on earth, Peter suddenly gets teleported into a weird forest filled with danger. Meanwhile Timothy, the creator of a new world, slowly grows mad.

Writer here:I wrote a couple of chapters for a project of mine, just posting here for critique. Hate it, love it? Please leave a comment or review.The first few chapters can be pretty peculiar, however please bear with it.

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  • The System
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The System 14 Chapter 14: Dead Bodies Stacked RoyalRoadL
The System 13 Chapter 13: Body Flowers RoyalRoadL
The System 12 Chapter 12: Hidden Potential RoyalRoadL
The System 11 Chapter 11: Gooseberries RoyalRoadL
The System 10 Chapter 10: Boom Berries RoyalRoadL
The System 9 Qidian International
The System 9 Chapter 9: The Escape RoyalRoadL
The System 8 Qidian International
The System 8 Chapter 8: He Saw Nature RoyalRoadL
The System 7 Qidian International
The System 7 Chapter 7: And the Wound Was Gone RoyalRoadL
The System 6 Qidian International
The System 6 Chapter 6: Big Blue Boxes RoyalRoadL
The System 5 Qidian International
The System 5 Chapter 5: Peter and the Wolf RoyalRoadL
The System 4 Qidian International
The System 4 Chapter 4: Let There Be Light RoyalRoadL
The System 3 Qidian International
The System 3 Chapter 3: Chomsky Joins the Madness RoyalRoadL
The System 2 Qidian International
The System 2 Chapter 2: Blackburn and His Choice RoyalRoadL
The System 1 Qidian International
The System 1 Chapter 1: Where Timothy meets God RoyalRoadL
The System No Chapter Please Read RoyalRoadL