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In the sea country of Calder a child is born, prophesied to usurp the current throne. Fearful the royal family disposes of the child in the dead of night. Just days after his birth. Thrown into the raging sea and spotted by an unknown entity. Is this child lucky? Or perhaps something else entirely...

Blessed by the goddess Undine, a child is delivered to the most unlikely of places for a child touched by the goddess of waters.

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  • Undineson
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Undineson 9 Chapter 9: Introductions and Healing RoyalRoadL
Undineson 8 Chapter 8: Mess Halls and First Meetings! RoyalRoadL
Undineson 7-2 Chapter 7: Hellsman's First Day! Part 2 RoyalRoadL
Undineson 6-1 Chapter 6: Hellsman's First Day! Part 1 RoyalRoadL
Undineson 5 Chapter 5: Duel! RoyalRoadL
Undineson 4 Chapter 4: First Rival? RoyalRoadL
Undineson 3 Chapter 3: First Day at School RoyalRoadL
Undineson 2 Chapter 2: Myst Training Hall RoyalRoadL
Undineson 1 Chapter 1: Divine Intervention RoyalRoadL
Undineson Prologue: Prophesy RoyalRoadL
Undineson [SPOILERS] Comment, Feedback, Discuss Here! Also Edit Announcements Here! RoyalRoadL
Undineson I'm back finally! (Apology for my absence) RoyalRoadL