The Cataclysm

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A story of multiple people and their adventures across the southeast of the United States, specifically Georgia. In a world where technology has stopped working and the laws of physics have rewritten itself, the "heroes" of this story must find a way to survive what has succumbed to their world. We follow many characters and see them develop within a year of discourse, love, sorrow, and even mayhem. Ariel struggles with morality and leadership. Erik only sees his way as the best and brightest options. Luis struggles with faith. This is only a fraction of what the world has to offer.

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  • The Cataclysm
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The Cataclysm 3 Chapter 3: Refuge RoyalRoadL
The Cataclysm 2 Chapter 2: Survive RoyalRoadL
The Cataclysm 1 Chapter 1: The Day Time Stopped RoyalRoadL
The Cataclysm Introduciton RoyalRoadL