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What is God? Is God really how we imagine It to be? And what if It is not?

AntiGod, a title for an existence opposite to that of God , thought to be the source of darkness, of evil, demons, destruction, chaos; a belief based on the fact that the opposite attributes are associated with God by humans.... but do the humans really know how things actually are, what existence truly is, and how what they call 'Life' actually works?

This is a story that attempts to tell you about the existence which can be vaguely called the 'AntiGod' , and what the title truly represents in the grand scheme of things we call 'Existence' , as the waves of an upcoming disaster born from a conspiracy against the universe, and what lies beyond, can be sensed.

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  • AntiGod
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AntiGod 6 Qidian International
AntiGod 5 Chapter 5 "… only knowledge can set you free" RoyalRoadL
AntiGod 5 The eyes piercing through reality Qidian International
AntiGod 4 Unveiling Unrest Qidian International
AntiGod 3 The Ribbon Qidian International
AntiGod 2 Turning droughts Qidian International
AntiGod 1 Prologue Qidian International