Invisible Blood

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Haunting the dark roads and bright cities invisible spirits of the wicked hunt the living. Hungry for their blood they are the personifications of un-life and tales of their debaucheries told around the campfire and the hearth name them Upiir in fearful whispers.

A pious Merchants' Daughter has her joyful path through life horrifically changed when one such creature comes to her home of the bustling trade city of Galsafar and a chance encounter with his once human viciousness turns all she holds dear against her. The consequences from this one night will challenge her dearly held faith in the gods and make her question who she really is. If she cannot find the inner strength to fight those consequences then the once peaceful streets of Galsafar will drown in blood.

And a Hunter and his comrades answering the call to hunt this beast see this as nothing more than a simple task. Find the creature. Kill it before it turns Galsafar into an unholy abattoir. But what the Hunter finds in a long deserted slum of Galsafar will shake the foundations of his mind and bring to question all that he knows about Upiir. It will take more than he thinks he has to face the rampaging wave of change directly aimed at his Order, his closest friends and ultimately, the entire world.

Warning: Tagged [18+]. Occasional Strong Language. Violence. Gore. Potential Sexual Scenes.

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  • Invisible Blood
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