Just Another VR Game Story

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Adam, 16 year old, plays GetalBurg Gate Universal. That's it.

What? You want more?

He sleeps a lot due to the Aergia's Eyes Syndrome. Um... he has a friend named Jackson since childhood. Not interested in anything other sleeping and eating (but mainly sleeping).

He speaks in monotone. He is constantly tired. He goes at his own pace and pisses other people off in doing so.

This is just another virtual reality game story with a slow main character. No big clash with level players or monsters. No hidden class found. No main character plot armour. Just everyday shenanigans in GetalBurg.

MC is mainly inspired from tanaka kun wa itsumo kedaruge (tanaka kun is always listless)

(AN: This is my first story, English is my second language. Some feedback would be helpful. I haven't planned this at all, I'll improvise as I go along. I will try to stick with the tags as close as I can. This is my attempt at an Omake style story.)

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