Broken Fate

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Lucas listened to the voice of his girlfriend, and didn't realize she was playing a cruel joke. She yelled "Go!" and he stepped out into the crosswalk. While she laughed, a bus took the corner, ended her laughter, and Lucas's life. It wasn't the first time she played such tricks, but it was the first time that it had such horrific consequences. It was his fate to die that day.

But this time, when Lucas opened his eyes, he was not the same person. His body was that of a ten year old boy who had just starved to death in an alley on an unfamiliar world. Before his stomach could growl, he disappeared from that world, and appeared in another.

It was a game he once played called Old World Farming. It was not as much of a cheat as he hoped he would get if he transmigrated, but he didn't believe in it to begin with. Now he was in a world of magic and martial arts, and it was a helping hand that he desperately needed.

For the first time in many years, his eyes had another emotion other then anger, and he felt something other than cynicism.

He felt hope.

WIP. This is my own novel, not a translation. This will be updated when I have chapters to post.

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