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iampsyx was raised by her single hard working mom. iampsyx's mom got pregnant with her after a one night stand with the great lord of hell, Satan himself.

When iampsyx grew up, she tracked me down. however, when she first met me, I did not recognize her because of how beautiful she was. It wasn't a surprise because her mother was beautiful also.

After that incident, she started to send letters, to her father . She never got any back because I couldn't handle raising a daughter since I'm a very busy person. When her life was at its lowest, a blessing and a curse came. Her mother died due to an accident. She was depressed and lonely. However, that wouldn't last long because she had just won the lottery. Suddenly, she was drowning in friends and likes on Facebook chasing after her wealth.

She wrote all that had happen on a letter, that she would later on send to me. How her mother died, that she got friends and most importantly, she found me . I decided to give her a chance, and took her under his wing. That's how we became a happy father & daughter duo.

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