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The only thing Aira wanted was a powerful beast, so she could become a beast master and win her freedom from an engagement she never wanted. She may have bit off more than she can chew however when she set her eyes on the WolfLord of the Athisi forest, a creature who by his own description is a simple wolf, only wanting three things from life, women, wine, and war. Now the question is can she tame him, and who really owns who? Author's Note: This one will be slightly pokemonish, where beast tamers will battle beasts against one another, however, it will be darker, and bloodier. also WARNING, this book will have BLOOD, GORE, and lots of SEX so if you are offended by such things as a large werewolf having sex with a woman, you may want to pass on this one, cause it might get a little hairy, or should I say furry hehe.

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  • WolfLord
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