Failed Hero

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He couldn't help anyone in the end. He had tried, oh how he had tried, but in the end nothing came of it. So he had decded to end it, to join the numerous namelless cadavers scraped up and tossed in a morgue. But for this nameless victem, death was not the end.

First Story, constructive criticism would be appreciated

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  • Failed Hero
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Failed Hero 6 Chapter 6: Clean RoyalRoadL
Failed Hero 5 Chapter 5: Dusk RoyalRoadL
Failed Hero 4 Chapter 4: Grotto RoyalRoadL
Failed Hero 3 Chapter 3: Beginning RoyalRoadL
Failed Hero 2 Chapter 2: Meril RoyalRoadL
Failed Hero 1 Chapter 1: introductions RoyalRoadL
Failed Hero Chapter 0: Falling RoyalRoadL