Arcane Devastation

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His mother, a sage, and his father, the void creature.

The son of the power.

The rise of one of the eternal Emperors and his immortal empire.

"My throne was carved by me, through my sweat and my enemies blood. I rode the yellow springs, I changed reincarnation.

Come! All who challenge my authority in this world of carnage! Don't blame me for being ruthless, afterall, it's been awhile since I last drank the blood of my Enemies.

My name is Ao Shu Huimie!"

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  • Arcane Devastation
  • Arcane Huimie
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Arcane Devastation 1 2 Ice Lion City
Arcane Devastation 1 2 Iron-Herb Mountain Range
Arcane Devastation 1 1 Of Age
Arcane Devastation 4 Qidian International
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