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Bound by the promise to live no matter what, Aune strays into the void to a new world.

This new world would change her body and mind in ways she never predicted.

Would she be able to keep her word? And how that affects the others around her?

Hello, everyone!

This novel is my first work of fiction and English isn't my native language, so all constructive feedback is appreciated.

PS: I promise to write a better description in the future.

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  • Averno
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Averno 3 Chapter 3 Hidden Intentions RoyalRoadL
Averno 2 Chapter 2 Lesser Evil RoyalRoadL
Averno 1 Chapter 1 Hunger RoyalRoadL
Averno Chapter 0 Aune RoyalRoadL
Averno Prologue Aune RoyalRoadL