The Impossibility

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Aaron was born from two different impossibilitys one being him half god when gods cant have children, another his dad being half dark angel half fiendgod which by nature shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

Read about Aaron's rise to strength letting him move unhindered in all of existence.

I am planning on releasing 4 a week and more if im not busy.

(If somehow magically your reading this im warning you know im not very good at writing I just wanted to get ths stry out of my head)

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  • The Impossibility
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The Impossibility 4 Chapter 4 Where's my dantian? RoyalRoadL
The Impossibility 3 Chapter 3 Breaking the unbreakable RoyalRoadL
The Impossibility 2 Chapter 2 Are they wings? RoyalRoadL
The Impossibility 1 Chapter 1 I need you to raise my son RoyalRoadL