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Warriors, mages, cultivators and scientists are a dime a dozen but there was only ever one true God. He was mighty, all seeing, smart, serious and wise... before he died. Watch now the story of the one who is destined to inherit the throne of the heavens, battle mighty warriors and discover the secrets of the universe, later that is, for now he is just a guy with crazy ambitions and a sense of humour.

After eons of boredom it is time for some fun!

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  • Divine Entertainment
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Divine Entertainment Perky P.O.K.E.M.O.N Movies RoyalRoadL
Divine Entertainment Buying Souls, Couches and Pens RoyalRoadL
Divine Entertainment A Rock Falls out of the Sky RoyalRoadL
Divine Entertainment Attack of the Martians!! (Not Really) RoyalRoadL