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Born with an uncommon sickness, Asmund was raised in solitude inside a cage of glass. Living all his life hating this damned world, even as his death was quickly approaching never did he let go of his wrath. But... As he was right about to reach the river Styx, something unexpected happened.A new change came to the world, and a chance for Asmund to gain all that he always desired, his merciless heart set on conquering the world!WARNING: This story contain pretty much anything that could hurt the poor sensibility of the weak hearted... Blood, Gore, Sex, Weird Puns and Vulgarities! Also the author is french so it doesn't help! Fuckign french, who like french?! Also the story have a EVIL protagonist, so please bear it in mind when you read this story!Another word from me, the damn french! I already started writing this story a while ago and was only sharring it among the guys of the Den of Madness, and decided to share it on a whim. Suggestion? Won't listen to them. Praise? Sure go ahead, always cool to hear it not that it would change anything trololol! Insult? Used to them, won't change anything either. Critisism? Don't care.There you go! NOW ENJOY THE DAMN STORY UNTIL I'M BANNED FOR WRITING SOMETHING YET AGAIN DISTURBING!

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  • Bloodlust
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Bloodlust 10 Chapter 10 - Hallway to Hell. RoyalRoadL
Bloodlust 9 Chapter 09 - Kahjiit Has Skills, If You Have Credits. RoyalRoadL
Bloodlust 8 Chapter 08 - Then One Day, Strangefolk Arrived in the Hospital. RoyalRoadL
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Bloodlust 7 Chapter 07 - For the Future! For the World! FOR PONY! RoyalRoadL
Bloodlust 6 Qidian International
Bloodlust 6 Chapter 06 - How Not to Handle Your First Job Interview. RoyalRoadL
Bloodlust 5 Chapter 05 - This Would Be Easier If I had a Cardboard Box. RoyalRoadL
Bloodlust 4 Chapter 04 - The Best Laid Plans... RoyalRoadL
Bloodlust 3 Chapter 03 - Utilising Available Resources. RoyalRoadL
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