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For all the emphasis that is placed on a synopsis, for all the effort that goes into making something to catch the readers' attention, I as the author do not wish to do so for Aurora. From beginning to end, I wish for the world to be seen not through my eyes—as a synopsis would entail—but through those of the Main Character. This is his story, and I am but the lens through which it is regaled.

Happy reading.

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Aurora 9 Ch.0009 — Unpolished Future RoyalRoadL
Aurora 8 Ch.0008 — Obligations RoyalRoadL
Aurora 7 Ch.0007 — A Prize Hard-Earned RoyalRoadL
Aurora 6 Ch.0006 — Home Once More RoyalRoadL
Aurora 5 Ch.0005 — Return's Prelude RoyalRoadL
Aurora 4 Ch.0004 — Overcast Skies RoyalRoadL
Aurora 3 Ch.0003 — A Scrap Of Paper RoyalRoadL
Aurora 2 Ch.0002 — Let Us Pretend RoyalRoadL
Aurora 1 Ch.0001 — Deadlines RoyalRoadL
Aurora 1 Qidian International
Aurora Ch.0000 — Prologue: Hope's Peak RoyalRoadL