My Ability

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Axel Ison just wanted to live regularly. however, the world in which he lived in was not. The presence of the supernatural is something known accross the world and he is one of the many that wants nothing to do with it. Though he tries to, he cannot remain totally oblivious to the terrorist attacks of the superhumans who have been hunted down for centuries. Believing them to be mankind's enemy, his whole prespective is turned upside down when he himself is forcefully chosen by the mysterious ability known as Power Magnet. As he is suddenly tossed in to a whole new world, the mysteries of the abnormal finally become clear to him, but will he survive long enough to see this story through to the end?

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  • My Ability
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My Ability 14 Chapter 14: Hegemony of the Queen RoyalRoadL
My Ability 13 Chapter Thirteen: Gates of Rebellion RoyalRoadL
My Ability 12 Chapter Twelve: Two Sides of the Same Coin RoyalRoadL
My Ability 11 Chapter Eleven: Fear RoyalRoadL
My Ability 10 Chapter Ten: Child's play; Tragedy! RoyalRoadL
My Ability 9 Chapter Nine: Prologue; Battle Royal! RoyalRoadL
My Ability 8 Chapter Eight: Capture The Flag RoyalRoadL
My Ability 7 Chapter Seven: Memory Lane RoyalRoadL
My Ability 6 Chapter Six: Florida!? RoyalRoadL
My Ability 5 Chapter Five: Remedy for the heart RoyalRoadL
My Ability 4 Chapter Four: My path, my power!! RoyalRoadL
My Ability 3 Chapter Three: Decisions, Decisons RoyalRoadL
My Ability 2 Chapter Two: Power Magnet RoyalRoadL
My Ability 1 Chapter one: Welcome to Sonic City! RoyalRoadL