The World Devourer

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Eons ago, a man that is full of bitter resentment challenged everything below and above the Heavens. Armed with only his audacity and undying will, he dominated all and became an unrivaled Immortal God.

But his ascension came with a heavy price. Because of him, his home world crumbled and returned back to the Kronus.

After countless eons of drifting across the cosmos, plundering and killing Gods after Gods, he accidentally met a boy. A boy that reminded him of himself when he was still a pitiful and weak mortal. It reminded him of the pain, humiliation, frustration, and hardships that he himself went through.

The man had persuers, yes he knew. But he also wanted to help this young boy.

So he devised an ingenious plan that would greatly benefit himself and would also bring benefits to the boy too.

But not everything goes according to plan...

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  • The World Devourer
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