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[Kingdoms Online] the all new virtual reality game AI administered through the expansive world Gods, has just been released. Rick Stryker lifetime gamer and a current college student had been looking forward to this day. As a former USMC Combat Engineer and currently attending college for architectural engineering [Kingdoms Online] will allow him to merge his passion for gaming with his career skill set. [Kingdoms Online] is a [VR] MMOPRG allowing players to band together or work solo to build a kingdom from the ground up. Allowing one to be a good leader making alliances and trade deals or rule with an iron fist over your subjects and neighbors. Purchase land and gather the resources, start your own settlement defend and build try to catch the eye of one of the world's gods to help guide your own unique path as you rise to rule.How will you rule? Will your kingdom spread to the horizon and reach for the skies, or will it fall to be forgotten by history like the other scattered ancient ruins found across the lands?Journey along with Rick Stryker's adventure as he sets out to make his claim to rule in the vast wilderness of [Kingdoms Online].

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