Storm of Kings

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The land of Cognoscenti is filled with magic, adventure and danger. Ryan is a man reincarnated into the body of a young lord doomed to have his fiance stolen and to die by the protagonists sword. Mark is a boy reincarnated into this new and wonderous world with the intention of living a peaceful life free of adventure despite his destiny as a protagonist. His plans of running the family dessert shop are plagued by constant intrusions of events and scenes determined to steer him onto the path of a hero. Marie is the young mistress of an ancient clan spanning thousands of years, a talent seen once in a thousand years, and a beauty that will stand on the top of the world. She is destined to become the protagonists wife and mother of his children, losing her family, home, and fiance.

As they are drawn deep into the mysteries and secrets of Cognoscenti it soon becomes clear that destiny is inescapable and enemies lurk around every corner. A storm determined to make kings of boys and killers of saints sweeps the world under the guidance of an unknown force. Only by combining their powers do the trio have a chance of survival.

If they don't kill each other first that is.

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  • Storm of Kings
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