God Blade

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Theo, a prodigy of sword and an aspiring adventurer, lives in an RPG-like world where everyone has their own level and skill. However, his is a hardcore RPG world where more than half of its human never gets higher than level one.

So who is Theo you ask? Was he a ninja trying to be a leader in his hidden village? Was he trying to be a pirate king? Maybe a teenager summoned from another world? A chosen one of the god? A man whose girlfriend is secretly the demon queen? A cook in a journey to make the greatest dish? Or maybe The 27th reincarnation of an ancient forgotten conqueror?

Well, No. Theo is a man born in that world. An NPC you might say. Not only that, he wasn't even the hero or the main protagonist of his own world. But he does have to face all of those people if he wants to make his dream true.


I don't claim the MC of my story to be not cliched. With so many stories on the internet right now, It's almost impossible if not outright impossible to make an original MC. The best I can do is pick the kind of cliched MC I like the most and give it a twist of my own.

I'm still an inexperienced writer, so feedback is very much appreciated.

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