Princess Rinoa Reudinger

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Legend has it that a brave knight in shining steel armor would be the key to breaking the curse set upon the only princess in Estoria. Before he does, he would have to be able to handle the tests, obstacles and challenges thrown before him, and prove himself worthy.

Unfortunately, our hero starts with Zyler Buxton, an aspiring young writer with dashed hopes and dreams and a fallen relationship that once blossomed. He meets and falls in love with Rinoa Reudinger at a bar, and she is not who he thinks she is. After opening the world of Estoria through the Glimmer Portal, Zyler's life is forever changed.

However, the legend does not lie: Zyler is not brave; Zyler is not the key to breaking the curse; and most of all, Zyler is not worthy.

Like an open-ended love story written by himself, Zyler will have to overcome unending odds, shark-teeth fishes and the fire-breathing dragon of Temper before the legend is true.

But, as with all stories, there is an ending. And the clock on the Spinal Tower is ticking.

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  • Princess Rinoa Reudinger
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