Whoops, I Died and Reincarnated.

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A sage, one of the most powerful existance in the world of Lyria, tampers with someting he should not have and accidentally ends up killing himself only to be reborn into a poor family about two hundred years into the future. After going around and learning that his lover from his previous life had ascended to the higher celestial world, to escape the mortal world that reminds her of her broken heart, he decides to train himself to become a sage once again and chase after her. After all, this situation was 100% his fault.

Join Cross, now known as Kira, as he trains, struggles (sort of), makes new friends (and friends with the word girl in front), and finds new rivals to fight(*cough*slaughter*cough*) to once again become a great (crazy) sage that he once was to find the love he accidentally left behind (a situation he totally could have avoided if he listened to his GF the first couple times).

I will not be adding my own thoughts like (blah blah) this as I did in this synopsis (Unless you want me to) so worry not that I'll ruin the story by plugging in my thoughts every other line. And don't read the comments (if i by low chance end up with some) cause you'll have read the prologue in the time you read a couple comments, so just read the story like you're supposed to see if you like it and not if other people like it.

This is my first story so I ask that those who can give good criticism to do so, and those who can't be nice and give good ones to go f- *ahem* I mean, at least do your best to be nice and helpful. \^_^/

P.S. I'm just doing this for fun but I'll try to set a schedule for release if enough people read regularly. For now maybe one chapter a week? Unless you kneel down and beg m- *cough* I mean ask me nicely (VEEERRRYYYY NICELY). Well happy readings to you, or I'll just be writing for me, myself, and only me online cause nobody likes what I write or my sense of humor (OR JUST ME AS A PERSON).

If your bored enough to have read this super long, really weird synopsis up to here, you should be reading my story (or other people's on RRL(i reccommend Number One Under Heaven btw)) instead.

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  • Whoops, I Died and Reincarnated.
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