Immortal Dual Sword God

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In this plane of existence, there lay a set of gods...

These gods were the absolute pinnacle of existence, looking down upon mortals with disdain...

The King of Gods, the most powerful man in existence, looked upon all the realms as a heavenly king...

Then time itself froze and this very king, along with several countless gods felt their very innermost soul tremble...

At the same time, a boy named Aryia was born...

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  • Immortal Dual Sword God
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Immortal Dual Sword God 4 Chapter 4: Grandfather Leaves RoyalRoadL
Immortal Dual Sword God 3 Chapter 3: The Two Swords RoyalRoadL
Immortal Dual Sword God 2 Chapter 2: Heavenly Treasure Spirit RoyalRoadL
Immortal Dual Sword God 1 Chapter 1: Martial Spirit Awakens RoyalRoadL
Immortal Dual Sword God Prologue: Mother and Father RoyalRoadL