Dungeon City Vanskoria

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In this modern era, a dungeon where magic existed emerged almost 300 years ago. After a long history, a city were erected as humanity frontier to challanging the dungeon. Between blood and broken bone, in the face of eternal struggle, human adapted to the challange. From the ashes of burning desire to life came human that capable to use magic. They were called Magus, and they were all born, life, and die protecting the Dungeon City Vanskoria.

The story following several characters,

Leon and Hana, a teenager pair that has just starting their dungeon diving world. He, a bastard child, came from nowhere and no family background. She, a cursed child, unwanted by her family. Together they tried to find comfort in each other and tried to make a living in the dungeon city.

When the relationship between Vanskoria and the rest of the world were worsened, Ray Edmund step forward as a representative for the city. His work was to tell the world what dungeon is all about and how Vanskoria deal with it. As a veteran of dungeon diving, he quickly found that his world was really different from the world that normal people saw.

The final character, Arianna Valentine, a normal girl with a normal life, faraway from the dungeon life. But there was an accident that involving her and a magus several years ago. From then on her view were distorted little by little, dragging her surrounding into a total confusion and unknown future.

Author Note :

Update weekly on Weekend (around friday-sunday), 3-5k words per chapter

Slow pace, lots of conversation and drama. The action part will came later on.

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