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The story of a fire elemental's life in a world dominated by mages. He will have to learn how to manage betrayals, treachery, and maybe even love as he goes on adventures to find a meaning to it all. From dark, humble beginnings he will rise... or fall, devastating amounts in his journey across the world.

Hello, Author here! I am, unfortunately, rather terrible at coming up with descriptions that seem to have the right amount of decorum and yet actually serve their function of adequately describing the story, so here's the coursenotes.

- The story follows a fire elemental. (As you can tell from that, it is heavily besed on fantasy with mages and the like. Technology will not feature prominently)

-As mentioned in the tags, this will have game-like aspects. (E.G. levels, stats. I will be trying to put my own twist on this notion however, so bear with me if the premise intrests you but you despise LitRpg)

-It'll get rather dark, but not devastatingly so. (I'm trying to write a more complex story so it will have its dark moments, the prologue being one of them. Rest assured the whole story will not be this dark, though I'll make sure that no-one is a saint either)

-The protagonist/protagonists will not be a Mary-Sue. (The plural will be understood when I'm further into the story. They also won't be impossiby unlikeable such as those in many Light novels.)

-There is no prophecy (Anyone who says there is, is lying, trust me.)

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