Seventh of April

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Say, today was rather pointless. We spent our day leisurely, wasting our time away while the fated clock ticked away. When it finally rings what will we do then? What was the meaning of it all?

Mankind and many others do not understand Life while treading life.

And yet they all, at the end reach enlightenment. When our fated ring echoes He will greet us.

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  • Seventh of April
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Seventh of April 3 Describing a painting to a blind man (part 3 finale) RoyalRoadL
Seventh of April 2 Describing a painting to a blind man (part 2) RoyalRoadL
Seventh of April 1 Describing a painting to a blind man (part 1) RoyalRoadL
Seventh of April Prologue: Yet another cycle RoyalRoadL