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A 17-year-old introvert with a passion for gaming finds himself standing before a glowing Goddess. Along with nineteen other students, he is sent to a game-like fantasy world where he must fight to one day achieve the destiny of a legendary Hero.

"Even though he never became a Hero."

F-Feya? When did you get home?!

"You're an idiot despite your 198,833 intelligence stat..."

Don't sigh at me! Besides, I broke through 200,000 yesterday... Ow! Don't hit me!

Author's Note:

I'm writing this on a whim using the inspiration that kept me fully-awake last night. Basically: I don't have a solid plan for this story yet. Regardless of that, I've produced 8888 words to set up the initial world. Later chapters will be shorter. By the way, I dislike fights and similar drama that drag on for thirty chapters so MC is OP. This story is going to end so terribly.

Author's Complaints:

I blame my new phone for any grammar mistakes. New keyboard's buttons are hard to hit, man.

Author's Grievances:

My old phone was washed away in the Pacific. Rest in Atlantis, my cure for sexual frustration.

Author's Note (2):

I don't actually have sexual frustration... Haha... I will edit this stupid synopsis later...

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