Lemme Smash!

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This whole story is a joke, telling the story of our MC Hammer. Also, no events or characters are references. Actually, there might be a few. This is purely original. Maybe. Romance is also a joke. Along with all the tags, except reincarnation.

My sense of humor is really bad.

Our MC is a not so good guy.

Lusting for his sister, watching tentacle porn, throwing tissues with strange substances around his room, etcetera.

But, that all ends today. Today, he will leave this life. Start anew. Lose his virginity.

Unluckily for him, he leaves this life for real. Forever.

Starting anew in a fantasy world. A life of action, adventure, and eveerything shounen.

Reincarnating as a hammer. With the only thing he can't do, is being able to 'smash'.

Pretty ironic, considering one of the only things a hammer can do is smash.

Who am I? Well, I am the author of this wonderful hammer.

Don't mind me. I'm totally not an important character or anythi-"Goddamnit! Why can't I just come up with a good prologue?! I just... I just want a good prologue. Haaaah..... Well, this is the best I'm going to get. Might as well add the tags and content warnings now, before I change my mind."

'What the hell happened to him this time?'

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