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Emanuel Elswore known as "El", a 19 years old college student, is a handsome guy with a lot of girls having a secret crush on him but the reason it's a secret and no one tried to bother him was because of "that rumor" no, it's a FACT. The rumor that was circling within the campus claimed that he is a pervert! And the reason it became a fact was due to some unexpected event within a certain transaction and his cover was blown for the whole, world to see.

PS: This was made just a way to express this blooming hobby of mine (writing/ typing). Also, I update 1 chapter per day. :)

(The orginal image can be seen here)

PPS:(Continuation to the synopsis) Why are you reading this anyway, none of these are important because the apocalypse was already wreaking havoc at your neighborhood!

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  • Bone...?
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Bone...? 11 Chapter 11: I'm His Junior RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 10 Chapter 10: Who's the Kid? RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 9 Chapter 9: Wanna come~? RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 8 Chapter 8: My First Booty! RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 7 Chapter 7: I have a boner.... RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 6 Chapter 6: He Tastes Good RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 5 Chapter 5: That Really Hurts! RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 5 Chapter 5: That Really Hurt! RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 4 Chapter 4: I'm Currently Busy! RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 3 Episode 3: The Godly Pervert RoyalRoadL
Bone...? 2 Chapter 2: Truly a Misunderstanding RoyalRoadL
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