Fleeting Flight

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Despite the advancements in genetic experimentation, mutating and grafting DNA, there has never been any success in the birth of a true hybrid. Nothing frown from the embriotic stage has ever survived more than a few minutes outside its test tube. But wehn one crackpot scientist working in illegal experimentation actually succeeds in bringing a human hybrid to life, the scientific world is thrown on its axis and a young girl, with no memories beyond a life in captivity is left to find her place in a world not made for her. All she truly dreams of is to take to the skies and be free of humankind forever.

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  • Fleeting Flight
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Fleeting Flight 8 8. Promises RoyalRoadL
Fleeting Flight 7 7. Revealed RoyalRoadL
Fleeting Flight 6 6. Testing Gone Awry RoyalRoadL
Fleeting Flight 5 5. A New Owner RoyalRoadL
Fleeting Flight 4 4. The Auction RoyalRoadL
Fleeting Flight 3 3. Trading One Cage For Another RoyalRoadL
Fleeting Flight 2 2. A Harsh Reality RoyalRoadL
Fleeting Flight A Dream RoyalRoadL