Ōga Teikoku Kenkoku Senki

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I want to have sex with women. Just when I was having such a thought, I was somehow reincarnated into a world similar to ancient Greece and underwent training as a soldier. In order to work off my overflowing lust, I have trained my body well, and I will further perfect it in battles. In this lawless, savage world where only the strong get to live on, I will get my hands on all kinds of women to sate my lust as I please.

The protagonist is an evil person, but still shows a shred of empathy at times.

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47 Chapters (Ongoing)
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1637 d, 23 h ago Probably stalled or dropped!
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  • Sparta Teikoku Kenkoku Senki
  • スパルタ帝国建国戦記
  • オーガ帝国建国戦記
  • Ōga Teikoku Kenkoku Senki
  • Sparta's Nation Founding Chronicle
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