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A Type Moon - Fate/ fanfiction.

Why did the Throne of Heroes exist in the first place? After all, the Holy Grail came into the picture much later. What is Fate that so mysteriously entwines itself with this Throne of Heroes? When a great threat emerges, the Throne is the last bastion of defense. The heroes whom fate played now carry the Fate of Life itself.

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  • Fate/Resurrection
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Fate/Resurrection 1 3 Volume 1 - Chapter 3: Dragon Blooded Warrior RoyalRoadL
Fate/Resurrection 1 2 Volume 1 - Chapter 2: The Knight King RoyalRoadL
Fate/Resurrection 1 1 Volume 1 - Chapter 1: Child of the Sun RoyalRoadL
Fate/Resurrection 1 Volume 1 - Prologue: The March RoyalRoadL