Dungeon of Lights

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Dungeons are strange and mysterious things. From the great Labyrinths that span between continents to mist shrouded valleys Dungeons come in many forms. A new dungeon has woken up far far below the earth with no idea of what she is doing. How will this young dungeon survive let alone devour adventurers when her birthplace looks out upon a sea of magma?

This is not the first story I have written, but it is the first on this site so please feel free to critique and review.

When I inevitably make mistakes in chapters feel free to tell me and I will see if I can fix it.

I do not own the picture, cover picture is temporary until I figure out a better cover.

While not a fanfiction this story is heavily inspired by countless hours of playing Dwarf Fortress and even more playing Terraria. Also a lot of insperation from having repeatedly read the omnibus form of 'A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galexy' By Mantle I love that book. Tags are for later chapters. Reader discretion is advised.

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