The Demon Of Song.

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Nova has had a long past full of murder and treason on his way to becoming the most renown assassin to ever live. His last job will forever haunt him as it pushes Nova into a tight spot for the atrocity he committed. Put in chains and forced into a journey with 9 other warriors, Nova, a Half Demon, will be constantly reminded of what he has done as he tries to forget it, his life is put on the line for people he doesn't care about, and his leash is given to a snobby princess that only wants him dead.

With only music on his side from the beginning, Nova has to put an end to the Legion of Beasts if he wishes to be free again, or he will have to kill everyone around him until the atrocities he has commited are forgotten about.

***********Author's Note************

The picture was found and edited by my friend and fellow WriTE member AstralTempest.

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  • The Demon Of Song.
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