Abyss System

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Due to an accident caused by what used to be the largest gaming company in the world, an entire country was wiped with over 10 million lives lost as the result.

A white light illuminated the world during the accident, later allowing people to see things that would only appear in video games such as transparent screens and character stats.

And appearing alongside with the game-like elements are Abyss Fragments, also known as, in game terms, Dungeons.

AN* LitRPG + LN + CN + OP Mc + Dungeons = This mess.

Dark theme is recommended when reading this novel.

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  • Abyss System
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Abyss System 12 Chapter 12 - Exp-share RoyalRoadL
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Abyss System 9 Chapter 9 - Rank-A Bosses RoyalRoadL
Abyss System 8 Chapter 8 - Guild Alliances RoyalRoadL
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Abyss System 7 Delfrost/Instructor Qidian International
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Abyss System 5 Testing Powers Qidian International
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Abyss System 4 Level Up! Level Up! Level... Qidian International
Abyss System 3 Chapter 3 - Dungeon Rewards RoyalRoadL
Abyss System 3 *Ding* World Building Qidian International
Abyss System 2 Chapter 2 - Instant Boss Kill RoyalRoadL
Abyss System 2 Rebirth Qidian International
Abyss System 1 Chapter 1 - Rank-E Dungeon RoyalRoadL
Abyss System 1 Suffering Qidian International