Tamer Untamed

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What will you do if your world faced an unparalleled threat? One that'll just keep coming back. No matter how hard you try to get rid of it?

Be prepared for the story of Bishop Riley, a modern day teenager who faces such a threat. His whole life turns upside down and inside out when a mysterious brochure appears in his bathroom. Together with the beasts he tames, this unlucky teen will stop the unstoppable force. That is if his terrible luck doesn't kill him first or the beasts don't eat him or anything else that could go wrong......

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  • Tamer Untamed
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Tamer Untamed 6 What I Need To Do RoyalRoadL
Tamer Untamed 6 Rat Infestation RoyalRoadL
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Tamer Untamed The Last Page And A New Beginning RoyalRoadL
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