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In the year 1917, an ancient vampire lord is reawakened after centuries of slumber. With nearly all his memories lost to the passage of time, he has little choice but to settle himself into a peaceful village life. The world, however, is on the brink of total war, and his peace does not last. When the Gallicans invade his country in the summer of 1922, he is swept up into the ranks of a makeshift militia and is sent directly to the frontlines. There, amidst the whistling of falling shells and the steady bark of Gallican machine guns, he quickly discovers that he is unable to die. Thus begins his journey – a journey to not only save his country, but to unearth the secrets of his past. *Cover art from BF1, will be changed soon(TM)

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  • Bloodless
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Bloodless 2 Chapter 2: Invasion Route RoyalRoadL
Bloodless 2 Qidian International
Bloodless 1 Chapter 1: Kill Them All RoyalRoadL
Bloodless 1 Kill Them All Qidian International
Bloodless 1 Qidian International
Bloodless Prelude: The First Machine Gun RoyalRoadL