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At the center of a now unmoving battlefield the remains of a corpse rose from the others.

A pile of bones held together by unknown means looked over the cadaver covered soil into the starry night.

"What are those? Where am I? Who am I? What is my purpose?"

Words formed questions in its head, none of which had an answer... For now, as a thought creeped up in its mind giving a reason to its movements:

"I want to know"

[Hello everyone, before you start reading this, if you want to read this, do know that this is just an idea that suddently appeared in my mind and I wanted to write it down so I'm not sure when the updates will appear though I did imagine the whole story {More like the beginning and the end}. Other points to know are that this is my first story {Yay!} And that english is not my first language, so please give me a lot of advices. Have a nice read~]

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